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Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.23.26 PM

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 2.23.26 PM


Sarah Jameson spent her childhood with the sound of her mother’s embroidery machines humming in the background. Growing up in a family embroidery business that had been passed down from Sarah’s grandfather, a career in fashion and a passion for small, local business was already taking root.

In 2018, Sarah has made the decision to rebrand her at-home alterations services and custom gowns business into a company of its own, Rudy Lou. Rudy Louis a company that holds true to family values and traditions. It provides a service free of the mainstream craze that brides-to-be often get caught up in. This company is dedicated to making the total bridal process a stress-free experience.

Rudy Lou takes pride in focusing on the little details, and incorporating sentimental touches to new pieces.

Sarah believes that being a designer is all about taking risks and staying true to herself. She believes that imagination is such a strong part of who she is and how far she has come. Through Rudy Lou,Sarah has gained the opportunity to make both her dreams and those of her beautiful brides, come true.


How did RUDY LOU begin? ⁠

I got my start in this industry from my grandfather who owned a manufacturing business, Tennessee Hills Industries, in the early 70's. He worked on Lee jeans, cocktail waitress outfits for Opry Land Hotels, and many other jobs. He later began embroidery on jean pockets, leading to a full on embroidery business. My mom began working for him and taking over later on. ⁠

Then, there was me. ⁠

I grew up around this industry with a family of entrepreneurs to show me the ropes. After graduating college in 2015 studying fashion design, I worked in a corporate bridal business doing alterations, stuck with it for one year and realized the corporate world wasn't for me.⁠

During this time, I noticed a need for unique bridal creations and wanted to take on a new approach to custom wedding gowns - from this idea, RUDY LOU was born. 

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